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Welcome to our campsite !!

Here, you will be welcomed with kindness. We love our job and these "Terres de Belle Rive", this magnificent village, deserve a visit.

To begin, a little presentation... We are Emmanuelle and François, travellers at heart, curious, campers for 35 years. We like to share our values and exchange on the richness of our heritage. We have been around a lot, in every sense of the word. We have had rich life experiences, an extraordinary trip around the world "in backpacker mode" and two beautiful little girls, but not only that...

We love our territory, the culture, the heritage and the nature that surrounds us. These elements are important to us. Man has a duty to protect it. Living in harmony with the fauna and flora that surrounds us is a source of wonder. The recovery of this small riverside campsite with its luxuriant trees deserved special attention. In March 2021, the adventure begins again: clearing, evacuation, restoration, mowing, cleaning... and then setting up our new accommodation: the tipi tents and our two trailers.

The ideas come: rehabilitation of a dilapidated hut to transform it into a kitchen and living space for our hikers and the pleasure of sharing by the water. We recover second-hand materials, wood par excellence. Grandma's old cupboard will be used for our library in different languages for young and old. The old table will be repainted.

Grandma's bike will welcome you at the entrance of the site. The old garden shed will offer a "pee break". Lola's garden house will be home to the chickens and pullets of "Terres de Belle Rive".

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